The Knick

2014 – ...
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The Knick

2014 - ...
IMDb rating: 8.5 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:20
Episode duration~ 45 min.

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American TV show «The Knick» is one of the so beloved by modern audiences TV series about doctors. But the view of the drama somewhat unexpected. Judge for yourself: the New York of the early twentieth century, to the high medical achievements so far.
More no antibiotics, anesthesia, laser scalpels, computed tomography, and ambulances is a team of horses. People die from the slightest ailments, and made unsuccessful operations destroy life, not only to patients, but also doctors. But not in the hospital Knickerbocker. Its customers had better luck the rest of the patients in this city. It employs fanatically devoted to his work the surgeon John Thacker. He returns almost every day just from the world's most hopeless patients. Proposed circumstances give writers the opportunity to put the main character in a series of complex, intricate situations. But a brilliant combination of a cold mind, firmness of character and speed of thinking allows John Thacker always stay on top, although it is necessary to resort to extreme methods of treatment. His career and personal life - the basis of the plot. And what really lurks behind a little bit selfish, arrogant gaze of the protagonist, the viewer will be revealed soon.

Notable personalities and other characters-doctors. Already from the first series of the sympathies of spectators arrived hold of Algernon Edwards, just arrived at the hospital Knickerbocker from Europe. This black doctor, betrayed the profession, he is willing to learn and learn from John Thacker, despite racial animosity head physician. And other doctors, talented and not so, in their subtleties of human relations will be of interest to the viewer. The so-called bloody scenes in the medical series is difficult to avoid, and "Hospital Nick" is no exception. Creators of the series does not aim to romanticize the hospital world. But adherence to medical ethics and the pursuit of credibility makes the film a realistic and attractive.

To be fair to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the time series. Precision parts is observed not only in historical moments and in an environment where they live and work heroes. Showing racial prejudice and division into social classes, faults and incurable ills of the society. Overcoming them is doing fine series psychodrama, but not without a philosophical component.

Tickle nerves, suffer along with the characters under pleasant music soundtracks inspirational series that perfectly complement the created images and emotions caused by the film. Author compositions - Cliff Martinez (author of music to films "Solaris", "Obsession", etc.). The undoubted advantage of the films is the fact that it was directed by the famous Stephen Sodeberg. He was able to pick up a brilliant actor's command (Clive Owen, Andre Holland, Jeremy Bobb et al.). Thanks to them, the film perfectly illustrates how, in spite of all obstacles to the enthusiasts of the business tried to develop medicine.

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