The Brink

2015 – ...
Season 1
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The Brink

2015 - ...
IMDb rating: 7.8 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:10
Episode duration~ 30 min.

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"Limit" is a science fiction drama, first broadcast on CBS in the fall of 2005. The main plot develops over a secret government plan to study the first contact with aliens. The Blackwood company has been creating projects in the event of unforeseen circumstances for use in emergency situations ranging from natural disasters and ending the nuclear wave.
The company has a project called the secret code of the "Threshold" established for the unlikely case the first contact between man and extraterrestrial life. One night, the crew of the ship United States met with UFOs. Many crew members die a horrible death, and the survivors disappeared without a trace. After the discovery of the ship with a dead crew, which experienced the strange defects of the body, and found videos of the event come into force a Protocol activation "Threshold".

The plan calls for the formation of the task force, which is called the "red team". A secret group composed of brilliant scientists in different fields and a couple of security forces, which play the role of "muscles". Threshold learns that the aliens are trying to rewrite human DNA by means of an audio signal that somehow changes the chemical composition of the body. The result of this action, people turn into strange beings. To find out whence the sound signal and how it changes the DNA, guys forced to impersonate various government agents of the United States. However, some team members have undergone minor impact signal, which was another problem of the red team

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