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Once Upon a Time

2011 - ...
fantasy, romance, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:124
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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Episode Title: «Dreamcatcher»
Episode Released: 10.25.2015
Season number: 5
Episode number: 5
Episode Description:
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In the past, in Camelot, David and Mary Margaret try to combine the Dark one's dagger and Excalibur. At this time, Emma decides to use the dream catcher to look into the past and see how Merlin turned into a tree. Together, Emma and Regina got component, which is necessary to free Merlin from captivity. However, this does not fit into the plans of Arthur. Meanwhile, Henry with the support of her mom gathers the courage and decides to invite violet on a date. In the present, in Storybrooke, the characters have invaded Emma's house and learned that the Dark holds a captive gold. Seen in the house have brought them to thoughts about the goals of the Dark Emma. Meanwhile, Merida is also involved in the plan Dark. Emma gave her a responsible job. Merida must dazzle of gold hero that Emma needed to extract Excalibur from the stone.
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