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Once Upon a Time

2011 - ...
fantasy, romance, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:124
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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Episode Title: «Firebird»
Episode Released: 05.01.2016
Season number: 5
Episode number: 20
Episode Description:
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With the help of an unusual ally to the team of heroes manages to Selina release from captivity. True love's kiss finally breaks the curse with hell. But will all of the soul to leave the dark Kingdom? Emma decides to go on a dangerous journey into the unknown the dungeon for a mysterious cure for the Hook, which once saved the soul of Orpheus and Eurydice. At this time Henry decides to use his strength to help other souls to find peace, but encounters a more powerful enemy that could destroy him and all his loved ones. At this time, gold decides to take the final opportunity to help his father. In Earth's past, a young Emma met with the detective, eager to return the girl to jail "Phoenix". But suddenly during their race, she even helps future Savior to find myself.
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