2008 – 2012
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2008 - 2012
comedy, drama, fantasy
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:65
Episode duration~ 45 min.

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The series "Merlin" was shot in the fantasy genre, based on the legends of the Knights of the Round Table and Camelot, within the cycle of King Arthur. However, the show and ancient legends, are not identical, the show has a lot of differences from the original. The story begins with the arrival of young Merlin in the main city of the kingdom, where he entered the service of the healer Gaius.
Uther Pendragon - King issued a decree banning magic and it was at this time, the boy discovers his magical ability. Marilyn enters the royal dungeon, where he meets a dragon Kilgarra, who reveals to him his purpose in relation to the future King Arthur, with whom he will meet soon. Merlin and Arthur are introduced in the joust, where one of the participants swindles and future great magician warns about Arthur. Later, the magician meets Lancelot, who saves him, trying to thank Marilyn future knight and give what he wants. Over time, the strength of its growing and with it begins to count. Soon he will meet with Cornelius Siganom, the great magician of antiquity who died long ago, but his spirit disturbed. He will have to overcome it and prove that only he, the most powerful wizard. Later, Marilyn release from the dungeons of the palace of the dragon, which starts killing everyone. What would stop all this, the wizard must find the Dragon Lord and learn the truth about his birth. Soon Morgan was gone, but a year later she was found, all very glad, but Merlin says occurred in her changes. She wants to kill the King and reign in Camelot, the wizard will not give it to her.

Marilyn and other heroes are waiting for a lot of adventures and tangled intrigues. They will go through a lot. Save if the magic of the world or destroy it?

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