Mad Men

2007 – 2015
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Mad Men

2007 - 2015
IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:92
Episode duration~ 47 min.

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Is well-known advertising agency in the center of events. It is located on the most prestigious street in New York - Madison Avenue. The main characters of the series - the head of "Sterling - Cooper" and his colleagues.
His name is Don Drayper. He is a very successful social climber, an exemplary family man, but at the same time playboy and a rake. About his novels on the side of the staff resigns unflattering legend. Past life of the hero is shrouded in a veil of mystery and secrets, but at heart he is quite exhausted plagued by his loneliness. Don skilled manipulator and is able to juggle people like puppets. Each day is filled with his confrontation with competitors, and to keep his podium, he is capable of much. In the film it will be shown the whole truth about the origin of American advertising mindset. Agency Don not hesitate to use their rude slogans associated with sex and scandals. The film reveals the theme of the relationship to racism, anti-Semitism, change, emancipation and to non-traditional couples.

Employees of the agency with a bang stagnant break stereotypes in the way of moving goods. Life is full of drama and characters against the backdrop of global changes in American society of those years. At that time, the US is a series of socially significant events and great changes. Also it has an effect and a significant impact on the life of the nation Cold War unleashed by the two powers.

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