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thriller, drama, detective
IMDb rating: 8.4 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:60
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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American television series «Homeland» was published in 2011. Served as the basis for a popular Israeli series had «Prisoners of war». Each series lasts within one hour.
Over the years, tape has collected a lot of fans, it has been awarded a number of awards. Even Russian filmmakers have filmed similar dramatic film without changing the name. Marine Nicholas Brody is considered dead and missing in Iraq for a long time. But it is found after the assault a secret terrorist base. Middle East expert Carey Matheson says it recruited al Qaeda. But the hero's exploits cast doubt on any suspicion. This complicates the investigation, brings a lot of inconvenience to everyone. CIA is trying with the help of Nicolas detain dangerous terrorists. Successful special operation does not remove the suspicion from the warrior, who spent a long time in captivity.

From it are trying to make a double agent, to get involved in political affairs. He gets into a lot of intrigue. The viewer must periodically make their own personal conclusions, to conduct logical conclusions. Suspicions fall on the many heroes of tape, including fallen "under the hood" there are those who are directly looking for terrorists and villains. From series to series conjectures can change opinion about Brody. He constantly travels around the world, completing quests and taking the initiative in their own hands.

Chases, shootouts, explosions, blood, massacre of Afghan civilians - it's all there in the series. The policy of double standards, litigation, Islamic fundamentalism, espionage, surveillance - these notions overwhelm the story masterpiece "Homeland." Line events intertwined with real accidents that occur in the modern history of the planet. The series was filmed not only in the US but also in many corners of the globe: Berlin, Cape Town, Morocco, Tel Aviv.

The TV movie will be interesting not only to fans of action-spy genre, but also those who are interested in politics, watching hot spots in our full world. The film is not without sense and ordinary human relationships. In it raised the problem of juvenile drug abuse, family relationships, thoughts of suicide spoiled youth.

The employment picture dozens of American actors. The role of the seductive Carey Matheson plays Claire Danes, it can be considered as the leading character from the beginning to the end of the series. Television studios product Teakwood Lane Productions and Fox Television Studios 21 worthy of attention of millions of viewers.

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