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Downton Abbey

2010 - 2015
drama, romance
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:52
Episode duration~ 54 min.

«Downton Abbey» – Season 5 Episode 8 watch online

Episode Title: «Episode 8»
Episode Released: 11.09.2014
Season number: 5
Episode number: 8
Episode Description:
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1924. The whole family goes to London for rose's wedding, but the atmosphere is heating up: Lady Flintshire, rose's mother, does not approve of the choice of his daughter because Atticus is Jewish. As a father Atticus is opposed to the son married a shiksa. Lady Flintshire is trying to sabotage the wedding, compromising Atticus: she sends rose dummy photographs of Atticus with a call girl (which he actually refused). Fortunately, Atticus manages to convince the bride that it was a stunt to stop the wedding. The inspector of police again causing Anna to the station, this time on the lineup: there was a witness who allegedly saw her on the sidewalk near the place of death green. A few days Anna go to jail. Denker, lady's maid to lady violet, carries a new footman Andy to a casino where he loses a lot of money, and Denker gets a free drink from the institution at the expense of the newcomer. Thomas learns of this and offers Andy help. Tom receives a letter with a job offer from his cousin in Boston. In the village there is a ceremony to open a memorial to victims of war and, at the initiative of Robert, added a memorial plaque in honor of the deceased nephew of Mrs. Patmore. Robert realizes that "adopted" the marigold is actually Edith's daughter from Gregson.
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