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Downton Abbey

2010 - 2015
drama, romance
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:52
Episode duration~ 54 min.

«Downton Abbey» – Season 4 Episode 6 watch online

Episode Title: «Episode 6»
Episode Released: 10.27.2013
Season number: 4
Episode number: 6
Episode Description:
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June 1922. Alfred attended courses at the Ritz after the candidate leaves, and the space. He's leaving Downton. Mosely is begging Carson to give him a job as second footman. Mrs. Hughes convinces Carson to make it and succeed in it. Edith is anxious, not receiving word from Gregson. Besides, a letter arrives from the doctor, in which he says that Edith is pregnant. Bates and Anna go to dinner in a luxurious restaurant in York. The Maitre d ' would not let them, but fortunately, there's eating lady Grantham and helps them to resolve the situation. Isabel finds a lost letter opener that lady violet was considered stolen. The old Countess picks up a gardener to work and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Rose wants to surprise the Earl of Grantham on his birthday and invites a jazz band from London, led by a black singer named Mike Ross. Carson is outraged by his presence, the family are shocked, but all behave like aristocrats, and not evincing surprise, dancing to the music. After the party, Mary goes to the kitchen and finds there is rose, kissing with Mike. To visit the box comes a family friend, Mr. Evelyn Napier, friend, Mr. Blake. Between Blake and Mary immediately arises enmity.
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