2014 – 2015
Season 1
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2014 - 2015
horror, fantasy
IMDb rating: 7.6 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:13
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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He, John Constantine, did not remember her mother. Giving birth to him, she was dead, so my own father hated the boy, giving him the nickname "killer." The boy grew up an orphan, without parental love, dreaming of only one day to see his mother.
John knew she was dead, but he believed that with the help of special spells he can cause a parent from the other world. The teenager began to read books on the occult and black magic. Soon he mastered the knowledge by which the soul could cause any of the deceased, but his mother, he could not find it.

Knowing a lot of spells, rituals, spells Constantine sided with the forces of light and began to fight with the demons. On his business card was written, he was an exorcist, demonology, as well as Master of the Dark Arts. One day, John was unable to rescue nine-year girl. Her body was possessed by a demon, which has decided to expel the exorcist with the help of a powerful demon from hell caused it. The result was a devil from hell cheated Master taking the soul of the girl, and the demonology was in a psychiatric hospital.

Desire to fight with evil spirits over Constantine was not, but after reading the message on the wall of one chamber of the recently deceased friend, John decided to fulfill his request, in which he asked to save the daughter. The first acquaintance with the girl was not successful, it just scared unfamiliar man who did not speak clear things, but after someone killed her neighbor, she became more compliant. Constantine found that a woman pursues a demon from the inner circle of hell...

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