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2007 - 2014
drama, сomedy
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:84
Episode duration~ 28 min.

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Episode Title: «Freeze-Frame»
Episode Released: 02.06.2011
Season number: 4
Episode number: 5
Episode Description:
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Meeting with Abby, barrister argues that the case of communication with a minor can be closed using the close transaction. Hank calms down and invites the beautiful girl to the restaurant. Comes SMS. His daughter speaks for the first time with a band in public. There he meets Ben, a young dad of one of the girls, a member of the group. Hank notices that he hits his wife, but can't do anything. Removed to his room at the Motel. Knocking Sasha, the actress who will play the main character. She said that MIA is the prototype of the heroine trying to jump down from a great height. Hank tries to convince MIA to get out of there. Hank, MIA and Sasha are on the bed, they are photographed in a compromising position.
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