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2007 - 2014
drama, сomedy
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:84
Episode duration~ 28 min.

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The book is quite lucky writer Hank Moody was spotted by the writers, and they embody her story in the movie. Moody became world-famous. However, this fame did not bring him a quiet life, but his mind could not stand the load, and it is time the writer of creative stagnation, which resulted in excessive alcohol pastime and difficulties with his wife.
Such circumstances do not reason with him, and alcohol dependence swallowed it with a new passion. And over time, to all the weaknesses of Hank added, and drug addiction. As a man he was attractive to the fairer sex, and therefore could not deny any woman, dragged behind every skirt. In addition, women loved him for his eloquence, which is usually deprived of many suitors.

But what he did not feel like love many women still knew that his heart belongs only to the ex-wife Karen. Their union was short-lived, but happy. And the proof of this was the birth of their daughter, Rebecca, who already approached adolescence. As if he did not keep himself, beyond the pale, but as a father, he understood and condemned their behavior and increasingly thought that a bad example for her daughter.

In life there comes Moody solid black band, because of which he is moving away from everyone, from Rebecca Carmen and finishing with friends. But the problems did not end, because due to his temper reached a chain of violations to the law itself. And Mia's appearance in his life made acutely assess the situation. Somehow one night moved close to their bodies, and he did not think at the time that it is under-age. And the fact that she is the daughter of a man, with whom was the resident Karen, it totally was not known. In this way, Miya drew him to blackmail, and the last of its "vybryki" was the assignment of the authorship of his new book and the direction of its printing.

Maybe if Hank was not familiar with alcohol-dependent friends Marcy and Charlie Runkle, who are going through a midlife crisis, he, in this fallen hour, clearly it would be easier. But, alas, their presence, and his inability to refuse a drink, draw it again and again in casual dating and the atmosphere, where one floats alcohol.

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