Black Sails

2014 – 2017
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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Black Sails

2014 - 2017
drama, adventures
IMDb rating: 8.2 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:28
CountrySouth Africa, USA
Episode duration~ 56 min.

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The TV show "Black Sails" takes you to the 18th century - the heyday of piracy while in the waters of the Caribbean. On the island of the former colonies holding the helm of power is not law-abiding citizens, and bloodthirsty and fearless pirates. The most desperate and brave captain is named Flint.
But, of course, willing to stop lawlessness and punish the offenders want, so the British navy is ready to give up almost all of its power to destroy the pirate gang, led by a Captain Flint. Then the leader of thugs decided to ally with the charming Eleanor Guthrie. The girl, who at first appearance, sweet and defenseless is the daughter of the kingpin, and indeed far from "white" lamb, she skillfully transforms all the prey of pirates gold. At the main characters have to defend your island and save the lives of his people, giving them the right to a reasonable future. Against them stands a large force of British navy; young sailor, who recently joined the crew of Flint and that expertly pluck out the captain plans; and even the father of Eleanor, who is not satisfied with the willful and strong daughter.

The heroes of this series are not typical characters, and people with their own history, and who want to believe, and worry about them. The plot is non-trivial and unusual, forcing viewers to look forward to the continuation. A selection of soundtracks easily helps to plunge into that era, which is filled with pirates, rum barrels, shocking debauchery and certainly violent, but fun marine adventures they dream of almost everyone.

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