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fantasy, action, drama, detective, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:102
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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«Arrow» - the new tv series for fiction fans, fighters, superhero comic book characters from DC. series authors present a new perspective on the DC Comics character house, in particular, the Green arrow. Character was invented a long time ago, in 1941, a little later, Batman, and originally appeared in the comics in small episodes.
In the series "Arrow" Oliver Queen story is as follows: a well-known billionaire playboy and disappears after a shipwreck, and have not found his friends and relatives, according to Oliver died. Five years later, his show on a remote Pacific island, where Oliver, meanwhile, reinterprets his life and deeds.

The main part of the series we see his terrific fighter: a strong, trained, brave. He brought his body to the maximum human capacity and skills to the ideal treatment with different types of weapons, including, of course, a bow and arrows. Green Arrow speaks excellent Russian and Chinese languages, noble, smart, insightful - in general, endowed with all the qualities of the superhero.

The creators of "Arrows" have decided to republish the story from scratch, and therefore invited the main role of the actor, in the role of Oliver previously not shoot - Stephen Ammela. Interesting feature of the series is to alter this Oliver. In order to divert suspicion from himself, in public, he leads former way of life: opening a nightclub, arranges parties, successfully winning back the role of the rich and the recent guy. In addition, the main focus of the series is made on how the impact on the personality of the hero lives on the island - in almost every series we will see numerous references to the events of the past five years, when Oliver was presumed dead. Through these memories viewer sees how gradually changed the personality of Oliver, gradually revealing the secrets of Quinn that gives the series and intrigue keeps the tension.

In addition to the main character in the series, and there are other, well-known to fans of DC personality: sniper Deadshot, who is in the top 100 of the greatest villains, mercenary Deathstroke, as a long-standing enemy of Green Arrow archer Merlin and others.

From critics «Arrow» has received mostly positive reviews, mainly, noting interesting story wrapped. The first season of "Arrow" has received 3.68 million viewers, more than once became the laureate of various television awards, and gladly extended television series first full season on February 11, 2013 - for the second, and from March 11, 2016 is already the fifth. What's interesting - the name of each season at some point, pronounced one of the characters. The authors of the boom is not the only one who goes to such a trick, but this time it becomes an interesting chip.

Interestingly, the most in the series about superheroes they have different superpowers, «Arrow» also presents them ordinary people who have worked their potential to the maximum, which creates a great empathy for her characters. Proof of this is that the series has caused a great love of audiences and critics approval sets.

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