Almost Human

2013 – 2014
Season 1
All episodes of 1 season:
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Almost Human

2013 - 2014
fantasy, action, drama
IMDb rating: 8.2 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:14
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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The 2048 scientific and technological progress comes out of human control. Recent scientific developments forever changing the face of cities, with their changes and urban crime, the police are now simply can not cope with the tasks. To reduce the risk of terrorist threats and crime in general, defenders of the rule of law is developed entirely new tactics, along with their regular police in the city of Los Angeles is now patrolling the streets fighting androids.
John - a classic detective story, a representative of the old school, he just has every reason to hate the new robo-companions.

About two years ago, his team carried out a special operation to clean up the den of bandits known as "Insindikat" but cops were ambushed. Most of the soldiers were killed, the other seriously wounded, while a robot policeman who accompanied them on a mission refused to assist because people's chances of survival were very low, he saved himself. As a result, the entire team including the capture and partner John dies. That's when the explosion permanently crippled detective and now he has to put up with a cybernetic prosthetic leg and huge gaps in memory.

Police agrees to cripple the work only on one condition, his partner must be a robot class DRN - as close as possible to the person and endowed with synthetic soul. The unique machine is trying to make friends with John, but faced with fear, contempt and misunderstanding.

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