A Young Doctor's Notebook

2012 – 2013
Season 1
Season 2
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A Young Doctor's Notebook

2012 - 2013
drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.0 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:8
Episode duration~ 24 min.

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The TV show «A Young Doctor's Notebook» put on same cycle of short stories of Mikhail Bulgakov. Each season consists of four small stories telling about the early career of medical doctor Vladimir Bomgarda. It starts from the movie memories.
Living in Moscow, succeeded Dr. Bomgard, middle-aged man going through a regular visit to his home NKVD. He is suspected of prescribing morphine and drug use. During the search found a diary that young Bomgard conducted seventeen years ago, at the dawn of his medical practice. NKVD these records are not interested, but the author himself, opening them, plunges into the past.

1917. He had just graduated from the University brilliantly, was assigned to a remote village, located many kilometers from the capital. He is young, he is full of plans for the rainbow, he is confident that will be the star, the savior in this godforsaken village! But he was waiting for severe everyday life, dark, patients who are afraid of the treatment more than the disease, and we believe that with all the troubles can be overcome with the help of drops and tinctures. Besides, the young physician so little experience!

The film is designed so that the viewer sees both young hero, and it is an adult, many survived, did not always tell myself, sometimes condemning their actions. He's trying to help themselves, the young man, to warn against any steps, but ... everything goes the way things are. Change the past is impossible, even returning to the places where he began his adult life, where he made so many mistakes, but where he was so happy!

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